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Join us in preserving and enhancing the quality of Fircrest parks and recreation facilities and programming for generations to come.

Dear Residents of Fircrest, 

One of the things that has always made our city special is a powerful sense of community. That feeling, along with a tradition of neighborly involvement is why we created The Fircrest Parks and Recreation Foundation.  As a group, we decided it was the best path to creating an endowment that will support parks and recreational opportunities in Fircrest, forever. 


Together with our financial partners at Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, we look forward to growing a revenue stream that is separate from the city’s budget. Our mission is simple:


To preserve and enhance the quality of Fircrest Parks and Recreation facilities and programming with a focus on community, livability and equity.


To that end, we plan on awarding the first grants in 2022. 


As with all endeavors of this sort, we rely on donations of time, talent and treasure to make this work. We’ll talk more about that in the months and years ahead, but for now we want you to know that you are not alone in your love for this community. You are surrounded by like-minded people who want to make sure that every resident of Fircrest has great recreation opportunities for generations to come. And, there’s a place for you to get involved when you are ready. 




The Board

2020 Founding Donors

Bob and Katie Anderson

Charles and Matt Bahr
The Barrentine Family 
Becker Family Trust
Betzendorfer and Becker Family
Richard and Nelwyn Brady
Matt and Jenn Brenner
John, Dana, Sarah, and Alyssa Cheesman
Arthur Clark
Pam and Peter Comfort
Jason and Becky Culver
Clare and Richard S. DeVine
Nancy Eaton
Jeff Edwards
William and Joyce Edwards Foundation
Sarah Faker
The Felt Family
Diane and Doug Forsberg
Tim Foss
Vern and Kathleen Harkins
Joe and Mary Harrison

Rachel Hart
The Hersey Family
David and Melissa Holcombe
Andrew and Liz Imholt
Bertil and Nancy Johnson
Paul Kelsay and Marc Rieke
Alexander J. Koerger
The Kremer-McCarthy Family
Paula Larkin Family
Terry Larsen
A.J. and Charlene Laymon
Sue and Rick Little
Lloyd Silver Estate
Barbara Madsen

Brian and Parisa McPhee
The Medley Maxey Family
The Names Foundation
Evan Lee and Cindy Neubauer
David, Beth and Amy Nichols
Kevin and Donna O'Connor
James and Kristen Orlando
Mark and Elaine Overfield
Katherine Owens

Joanne and Kevin Williams

Chris and Dave Parent
Bill and Judy Parretta
The Patjens Family
Poor Richards Auctions
Noah and Rick Price
Shannon Reynolds and Corbin Edwards
The Rider Family
Bart and Penny Rohrs
Robert Slingl and Family
Leonard and Ann Smith
TCC Foundation
Transitions Estate Sales
Blake Surina
Lynne and Mike Turner
David M. Viafore
John and Myrna Weber Family
Patrick and Sarah Weber
Frank and Karen White
John, Renee and Hanna White
Widmeyer Family
Bobby and Renee Wirth

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