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The Fircrest Parks & Recreation Foundation is an independent, grassroots non-profit organization focused on preserving and enhancing the quality of Fircrest parks and recreation facilities and programming with a focus on community, livability and equity.

We Believe:

Screen Shot 2023-07-22 at 6.28.04 PM.png
Fircrest parks and recreational programming are core community assets.
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There is value in sustainable long-term funding initiatives.
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Strong healthy parks build a strong and healthy community.
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There is value in diverse ideas and partnerships.
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All Fircrest residents should have access to park facilities and programs.
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Great things start small and grow.

What we are:

  • Custodians of an endowed fund for Fircrest Parks & Recreation. 

  • We received an annual allowance to give grants to Fircrest Parks & Recreation. 

What we are not:

  • Employed or representatives of the Fircrest Parks & Recreation. 


- Fircrest Forever -

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